Help Us Reach Our Goals!

We must sound like a broken record: “Send us your updates,” “We need your help,” “Stay connected.” We keep saying these things because they are our mantras. We believe whole heartedly your connection to Delta Tau Delta-Washington State should mean more and last longer than just four years.

This news, and any other communications that we send out, are your chance to keep your status as an active member in Epsilon Gamma chapter. Our annual fund pays for these communications. In recent years, our fundraising efforts have been rising. We need your support to keep this program going.

If that’s not enough, here are two more reasons to support our chapter:


REASON #1: You have a chance to share your expertise and wisdom.

As an alumnus, you understand that we cannot ask a lifetime of experience from young men who are just learning what leadership means. We have to show them. That is how you learned. That is how they will learn. There are things to be done that require the knowledge and leadership of our alumni. Become a mentor or join the chapter advising team.

REASON #2: We need each other. Jobs. Advice. Connections.

Looking for a job or wanting to advance from your current position? Looking for a house and need a realtor? Interested in starting an education fund for your kids and need a good financial planner? Have sickness in your family and want some sound medical advice? Maybe you are relocating to a new city and want to build a new social network. We are a brotherhood for a reason; ask for help, and we will be there.

Last giving year, we raised $995 from 9 brothers. Lets raise the bar this year. We want to raise $10,000 from 100 brothers; help us succeed! To donate, call our donation hotline at 1-800-975-6699, or click the donate menu item above to make an online donation today!

Undergraduate Report

Hello Brothers! We have had a great couple of months here on campus. Below are only some of the successes of the undergraduates.


The 2015 Western Pacific Division Conference was held in Portland, Oregon. At this conference we received the Award for Greatest Academic Improvement within our division. We went from a 2.81 GPA in the Fall of 2013 to a 3.04 GPA in the Spring of 2014.

Mom’s Weekend

Spring 2015 Mom’s weekend auction raised over $5,500. The proceeds are going to a new Delta Tau Delta sign in our front yard. The sign that was previously there was vandalized beyond repair. This new sign will greatly benefit the house and will let us display our letters proudly to the entire campus! During Mom’s Weekend we rented out Zeppoz bowling alley in Pullman. It was a great opportunity for moms to have fun with their sons and meet all the undergraduate brothers.

Spring Formal

Our Spring formal was held in beautiful Penticton, Canada. Here we awarded Madeline Whillock the “Sunshine Girl Award.” She is an Alpha Phi at WSU, and a great friend and asset to our fraternity. The sunshine girl award is given to a woman on campus that everybody looks up to as a friend and an integral part of our house. Her picture will be placed on our composite. The last sunshine girl award given was in the 1990’s; we decided it was time to bring it back to our chapter.

Our New Brothers

The spring 2015 pledge class initiated four new members. Legacy, Conner Biehl, was initiated during the fall 2014 Semester.


On December 1st and 2nd Kappa Delta and Delta Tau Delta held a food and clothing drive outside of the Walmart in Pullman. We were able to raise a solid amount of money, hundreds of pounds of food and multiple bags of clothes while earning 107 hours of community service. All the proceeds were donated to the Community Action Center in Pullman.

Notable Alumni

Brother Nick Hemphill ’11 was currently elected the President of Delts Northwest Alumni Association and is also helping our chapter as the new Assistant Chapter Advisor.

Undergraduate Goals

One goal that our chapter plans to achieve is increasing pledge class sizes. Over the past four years pledge classes have had an average of 21 members. This has created a financial issue for our chapter. We do not have enough members to pay the chapter house’s increasing rent. We have cut back on everything from food, to brotherhood events due to the financial issues. Our goal as a chapter is to initiate 32 members next fall. This will bring our chapter back to 85-90 members, rather than the 70 members in the recent years. Larger pledge classes in the future will make our brotherhood stronger and larger, while increasing the amount of accounts receivable. This goal will also create the ability to hold more brotherhood events, and reduce the risk of becoming in debt, like we have many times in the past.

Our current Executive Board has been working closely with our traveling consultant, Zach Pasker, and our National Vice President, Jim Garboden, in order to achieve better cumulative GPAs, become more closely connected with our alumni, improve our relationship with the IFC & WSU Campus and to improve philanthropy events and involvement with our Pullman Community.

House Updates

During the summer of 2015 the shelter will begin a $60,000 renovation in order to make the electrical and plumbing problems safer inside of the house.

A recent bylaw was passed by Washington State University President Elson Floyd in the fall of 2014 that has eliminated the ability for freshmen to live in “Wet” fraternities on campus. This means that the Delta Tau Delta Pledge Class of 2013 was the last pledge class to live in the shelter freshman year and experience the unforgettable memories the sleeping porch carried. The sleeping porch is currently being converted into single rooms.

Another challenge that our fraternity has had to overcome was a recent kitchen fire. On February 9th the stove in our kitchen was unfortunately left on overnight which resulted in a grease fire. The fire was quickly put out by the Pullman Fire Department and nobody was injured. The damages resulting from the fire included a ruined stove, broken oven, burnt walls and ceilings, as well as damaged hardwood floors and drywall due to the sprinklers. Since the fire we have not had a functioning kitchen and our house cook has had to cook food at a neighboring fraternity and bring it to the house. This fire made us realize how lucky we are that nobody was injured, and how safety needs to become the number one priority within the house.

This has been an obstacle our house has had to overcome, but it will bring long term benefits to the house. Insurance companies have been working around the clock to renovate the kitchen and supply us with new appliances. Insurance companies are also renovating fire hazards throughout the house in order to prevent any future problems. This incident has not only showed us the importance of kitchen safety, it has showed us how a simple mistake (such as leaving a stove on) can affect the entire brotherhood.

Lost Lists

We're missing contact information of alumni brothers, and need your help to find them. Click below to download a copy of our current lost mailing list or email list. Send our alumni partner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., your updates.