Stuck at Home and Self-Isolating? DTD Has an Assignment for You

It’s time to (metaphorically) get out there and create some connections...

If you’re sitting at home right now, quarantined and following your local stay-at-home orders, and the most exciting parts of your day have been breakfast, walking the dog and watching sitcom reruns on television, then you may feel just a twinge of guilt when you see how some are using their newfound free time.

Maybe a fellow WSU alum in your Facebook feed just completed a complex carpentry project. Maybe you’ve seen the many social posts going around proclaiming how Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” during a plague quarantine or how Newton began developing his theory of gravity during a similar quarantine, and so what’s your excuse?

Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling a little down and unmotivated while self-isolating, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to feel a bit morose if you haven’t been as productive as you’d like the past few days or weeks — but that’s also a good thing.

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Share Your Thoughts, DTD Alumni!

In your opinion, what would the DTD alumni association look like at its full potential? Do you have any advice for your fellow leaders of the DTD alumni organization? Fraternity alumni around the country were sent these questions in an email questionnaire. Click “Read More” to answer these questions yourself.

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How Social Distancing Will Help Us Find Happiness

If you’re struggling with social distancing, we’re here to tell you that you’ll be better for it if you do one thing: stay connected to other people.

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